Nick Jurista


NHL94Hockey is a site I created back in 2013 to track stats for playing exhibition games online. Users play against each other using ZSnes or Gens and upload the final screen save state to the site. The site then parses the save file to find the scoring and penalty information, which is then saved into a database. Each user, team, and system has its own page with stats based on real user games. Users can see their most played team, their record with each team, and recent games on their public profile page. To add an extra element of interest, users are rated based on a Glicko-2 formula and listed with their last 10 games.

PHP 5.4, MariaDB, JavaScript, Bootstrap 3


Dist-O-Matic is a tiny site that allows users to share their location and see an ordered list of which professional sports teams are closest to them. Additionally, users can toggle sports on or off to limit the amount of leagues shown. Details include team conference, division, name, colors, and location. This site was largely created as an experiment in the state of client-side JavaScript module support as of February 2019. I wanted to see how easy (or difficult) it would be to write a web application in vanilla JavaScript and CSS grids.

JavaScript, CSS Grids

Typing Keyboard

Typing Keyboard is a client-side keyboard that lets you make music by typing on your computer keyboard (or by clicking/tapping on the page keyboard). The keys generally map to what they do in Logic Pro X/Garageband, but the sound generated is using the JavaScript AudioContext and Oscillator. There are four wave forms you can use to make sounds, and you can toggle as you wish.

JavaScript, JS AudioContext, React